This is the public page of the MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) standard.  See the MPAI-MMM homepage.

The Scope of the MPAI Metaverse Model (MMM)  is to identify, organise, define, and exemplify functionalities that are considered useful to a Metaverse Instance. The MMM does not assume that a Metaverse Instance should have a tool implementing a particular functionality, rather, it assumes that Common Metaverse Specifications will be developed at a later stage. This tool-based approach will enable the creation of Metaverse Profiles, supporting functional scalability of Metaverse Instances and levels of interoperability.

The MMM also addresses three areas:

  • Technologies will be needed to make available the tools implemementing the needed functionalies.
  • Business Models will drive the priorities in the selection of functionalities.
  • Governance will emerge as its elements are better understood.

The features and development of these issues are important to ensure that viable Metaverse Instances can be successfully designed, implemented, deployed, and operated.

MPAI plans on developing a Technical Report with the following Table of Contents.

Chapter Title
1 Introduction
2 Basic assumptions
3 Terms and Definitions
4 Functionalities
5 Technologies
6 Business models
7 Governance
8 References

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