How to join

MPAI will be established as an international not-for-profit association based in Geneva toward the end of September 2020.

Please note that, according to Article 4 Membership” Any entity, such as corporation and individual firm, partnership, university, governmental body or international organisation supporting the mission of MPAI may apply for Membership, provided that it is able to contribute to the development of Technical Specifications for the efficient use of Data ” and “Individuals representing technical departments of academic institutions may apply for Associate Membership, stating their qualification in their application“.

Those interested in joining MPAI should read the Statutes and inform Leonardo of their intention. Those who intend to  participate in the Constitutive General Assembly (CGA) to be held by video-conference , should inform Leonardo of their intention.

Those intending to join MPAI should have a look at A simple guide to MPAI adepts and send Leonardo, as soon as possible

  1. Name and surname of the person who will attend
  2. The complete formal name of their organisation
  3. The type of membership (Principal or Associate). Membership fees are currently estimated to be 3,000 euro for Principal  and 600 euro for Associate 1500/300 for 2020).

The Constitutive General Assembly (CGA) will be held by audioconference on 30 September. By the 19th of October, participants in the CGA should send the following documents to the Geneva law office (address to be communicated)

  1. The MPAI Statutes signed and initialled on each page (final text available at
  2. An excerpt, translated into French or German of Italian or English, of the commercial register of the company or organisation
  3. The power of attorney issued by the person who has the authority to do so, mentioned in the excerpt of the commercial register, stating that the participant has the power to represent your company/organisation at the CGA
  4. A copy of the photo ID
  5. A copy of the bank transfer for 2020 Membership Fees

The document – in physical or electronic form – should arrive at the Geneva Law Office by 19 October. The original documents shall reach the Law Office by the 31st of December.

The top level domain name implies that MPAI is a community. Therefore, comments from the community on these pages are welcome. Please send your comments to Leonardo, (web page), while the MPAI Secretariat is being established.