MPAI-CAV is an MPAI project seeking to standardise all components to implement a Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV), i.e., a mechanical system capable of executing com­mands to move its body autonomously – save for the exceptional intervention of a human – based on the analysis of the data produced by a range of sensors exploring the environment and the information transmitted by other sources in range, e.g., CAVs and roadside units (RSU).

MPAI-CAV addresses 5 main CAV subsystems.

The 5 MPAI-CAV subsystems Human-CAV Interaction
Environment Sensing Subsystem CAV-To-Everything
Autonomous Motion Subsystem Motion Actuation Subsystem

The publication plan is given below

  1. Why an MPAI-CAV standard?
  2. Introduction to MPAI-CAV Subsystems
  3. Human-CAV interaction
  4. Environment Sensing Subsystem
  5. CAV to Everything
  6. Autonomous Motion Subsystem
  7. Motion Actuation Subsystem

If you want to join MPAI-CAV activities send an email to Secretariat.