The table below contains links to videos presenting some of the most relevant MPAI activities presented in MPAI talks to industry.

# Title Speaker Country
1 Introduction to MPAI Leonardo CH
2 MPAI-AIF – AI Framework Andrea IT
3 MPAI-CAE – Context-based Audio Enhancement Marina US
4 MPAI-MMC – Multimodal Conversation Miran KR
5 MPAI-CUI – Compression and Understanding if Industrial Data Guido IT
6 Reference Software, Conformance and Performance Panos UK
7 MPAI-GME – Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem Paolo UK
8 MPAI-SPG – Server-based Predictive Multiplayer Gaming Marco IT
9 MPAI-EVC – AI-Enhanced Video Coding Roberto IT
10 MPAI-EEV – AI-based End-to-End Video Coding Chuanmin CN
11 MPAI-CAV – Connected Autonomous Vehicles Gianluca IT
12 Conclusions Leonardo CH