Connected Autonomous Vehicles

MPAI-CAV is an MPAI standard project seeking to standardise all components that enable the implementation of a Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV), i.e., a mechanical system capable of executing com­mands to move its body autonomously – save for the exceptional intervention of a human – based on the analysis of the data produced by a range of sensors exploring the environment and the information transmitted by other sources in range, e.g., CAVs and roadside units (RSU).

MPAI-CAV includes 5 Use Cases that correspond to the 5 main subsystems of a Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV).

See the public MPAI-CAV documents:

  1. MPAI-CAV Use Cases and Functional Requirements WD0.14
  2. Technical Report Connected Autonomous Vehicles (MPAI-CAV) WD0.5
  3. MPAI-CAV Progress report and plans
  4. Application Note

Visit the About MPAI-CAV page.