Human and Machine Communication (MPAI-HMC)

Enables an Entity (human or Machine operating in a Context) ) to hold a multimodal communication with a another Entity in a different Context.

What MPAI-HMC is about

Human and Machine Communication (MPAI-HMC) is an MPAI Technical Specification  that enables new forms of communication between an Entity – a human present or represented in a real or virtual space, or a machine represented in a virtual space as a speaking avatar, acting in a context – and another Entity using text, speech, face, gesture, and the audio-visual scene in which it is embedded, much as humans do. It integrates a wide range of technologies available from existing MPAI standards.

The Term “communication” is used to include the possibility for a Machine:

  1. To understand the semantics of the communicated information at different layers of depth.
  2. To produce a multimodal response expected to be congruent with the received information.

In the process of developing the MPAI-HMC Technical Specification, MPAI realised that only technologies that had been specified in existing standards – Context-based Audio Enhancement (NPAI-CAE) V2.1, Multimodal Conversation (MPAI-MMC) V2.1, Object and Scene Description (MPAI-OSD), and Portable Avatar Format (MPAI-PAF) – were needed. For this reason, no Call for MPAI-HMC Technologies has been published.

The MPAI-HMC working draft, was published as a linked web document with a request for Community Comments. Anybody was invited to submit WD comments to the MPAI Secretariat until 2023/02/19T23:59. The Framework Licence: Human and Machine Communication (MPAI-HMC) was published on that occasion. Comments to be considered when producing the MPAI-HMC Technical Specification.