Specifies technologies to represent the Spatial information of Audio and Visual Objects and Scenes for coordinated use across MPAI Technical Specifications.

What MPAI-OSD is about
Description of the standard
MPAI OSD V1.1 is out for Community Comments

What is MPAI-OSD about

Technical Specification: Object and Scene Description V1.0 specifies:

  1. Spatial Attitude
  2. Visual, and Audio-Visual Objects
  3. Visual Scene Geometry and Descriptors and Audio-Visual Scene Geometry and Descriptors,
  4. Object Instance Identifier.

The Data Formats are widely used across MPAI Technical Specifications.

Material about MPAI-OSD

The 39th MPAI General Assembly (MPAI-39) has published a WD of Technical Specification – Object and Scene Description (MPAI-OSD) WD for Community comments. Anybody wss entitled to send comments to the MPAI Secretariat for consideration in the final draft of MPAI-OSD V1 if received by 2024/01/17T23:59 UTC.

MPAI was seeking proposals of technologies to enable the implementation of AI Modules making real the above-described goal. The deadline for submitting a response was September 20 at 23:59 UTC. Those intending to submit a response should become fully familiar with the following documents:

Call for Technologies (closed) html,  pdf
Use Cases and Functional Requirements htmlpdf
Framework Licence htmlpdf
Template for responses htmldocx

See also the video recordings (YouTube, WimTV) and the slides of the presentation made on 07 September. Read What is the Object and Scene Description (MPAI-OSD) Call for Technologies about?.

See the public MPAI-OSD documents:

  1. MPAI-OSD Progress report and plans
  2. Application Note
  3. Technical Specification – Visual Object and Scene Description (MPAI-OSD) WD0.2

Visit the About MPAI-OSD page.

As this MPAI activity targets the development of use cases and functional requirements of neural network watermarking, it is open to non MPAI members. Contact the MPAI secretariat for more information.