Will enable users to collect, process, and license health data to a central service providing AI Modules updated by federated learning.

What MPAI-AIH is about

Artificial Intelligence for Health Data (MPAI-AIH) is an MPAI project addressing the use case of users equipped with AIF-enabled smartphones collecting, processing, and licensing health data to a central service which executes third parties’ data processing requests in line with the data licenses. Clients’ Neural Network models are improved and shared via federated learning.

MPAI was seeking proposals of technologies to enable the implementation of standard components (AI Modules) that make real the vision described above. The deadline for submitting a response was October 19 at 23:59 UTC. Here were the relevant documents:

Call for Technologies (closed) html,  pdf
Use Cases and Functional Requirements htmlpdf
Framework Licence html, pdf
Template for responses html, docx

See also the video recordings (YouTubeWimTV) and the slides of the presentation made on 07 September. Read the What is the AI for Health Call for Technologies about?

Keep up to date with the project

  1. MPAI-AIH Use-cases and functional requirements WD0.5
  2. MPAI-AIH Progress report and plans

See the About MPAI-AIH page.

This is an exploratory MPAI activity, open to non MPAI members. Contact secretariat for more information.