This is the home page of the AI-based End-to-End Video Coding (MPAI-EEV) standard. See the MPAI-EEV homepage.

MPAI-EEV is an MPAI standard project seeking to compress video by exploiting AI-based data coding technologies (so called end-to-end coding). MPAI-EEV does not assume that there are constraints, as there are for MPAI-EVC, by how data processing technologies have been traditionally applied to video coding.

MPAI-EEV is a parallel project to MPAI-EVC which covers short-to-medium term video coding needs, while MPAI-EEV targets longer-term needs.

MPAI has developed a study of the State of the art of end-to-end video coding. It has decided to start from the DVC and OpenDVC papers and is using the results of the study of the state of the art to add tools to OpenDVC and develop a reference model that will be used for collaborative investigations. Anybody is allowed to submit contributions, provided they are submitted with a statement declaring acceptance of the Basic Framework Licence for Collaborative Explorations.

MPAI-EEV is at the level of Interest Collection.

If you wish to participate in this work you have the following options

  1. Join MPAI
  2. Participate until the MPAI-EEV Functional Requirements are approved (after that only MPAI members can participate) by sending an email to the MPAI Secretariat.
  3. Keep an eye on this page.

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