Portable Avatar Format (MPAI-PAF)

MPAI Portable Avatar Format (MPAI-PAF) is an MPAI project developing standards for interoperable avatar representation.

Visit the About MPAI-PAF page for an introduction to the MPAI-PAF standard.

Technical Specification: Portable Avatar Format (MPAI-PAF) specifies:

  1. The Portable Avatar Format and related Data Formats allowing a sender to enable a receiver to decode and render an Avatar as intended by the sender.
  2. The Personal Status Display Composite AI Module allowing conversion of a Text and a Personal Status into a Portable Avatar .
  3. The AI Workflows and AI Modules composing the Avatar-Based Videoconference Use Case also using Data Types from other MPAI Technical Specifications.

Read An overview of Portable Avatar Format (MPAI-PAF).

Download Technical Specification – Portable Avatar Format (MPAI-PAF) V1.

MPAI thanks the following individuals for their valuable contributions to the development of MPAI-PAF: Seunggeun Baek, Andrea Bottino, Vittorio Cuculo, Alessandro D’Amelio, Marian Alexandru Ilies, David Schultens, and Jaime Yoon.

The MPAI-PAF Working Draft (html, pdf) was published with a request for Community Comments. See also the video recordings (YouTube, WimTV) and the slides of the presentation made on 07 September. Read An overview of Avatar Representation and Animation (MPAI-ARA). Comments should be sent to the MPAI Secretariat by 2023/09/26T23:59 UTC. MPAI will use the Comments received to develop the final draft planned to be published at the 36th General Assembly (29 September 2023).


Visit the About MPAI-PAF page.