This is the page of the documents approved by MPAI-42 (2024/03/20).

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Public documents:

N1645 – Press Release of 42nd meeting

N1646 – MPAI Work Plan of 42nd meeting

N1647 – MPAI Timeline of 42nd meeting

N1661- Use Cases and Functional Requirements – Six DoF Audio (CAE-6DA) WD0.1

N1666 – MPAI-HMC progress report

N1680 – Use Cases and Functional Requirements – XR Venue (MPAI-XRV) WD0.2

N1681 – Requirements (EEV) progress report and plans

N1682 – MPAI-EVC Evidence Project report and plan

N1694 – Summary of results obtained by the MPAI-EVC project_rob