In this page MPAI, the standards body for AI-based data coding, introduces itself, its results and its plans. Many thanks to Andrea Basso, Marina Bosi, Andrea Bottino, Maurício Breternitz, Leonardo Chiariglione, Miran Choi, Ana de Almeida, Stephen Dukes, Chuanmin Jia, Roberto Jacoviello, Ed Lantz, Marco Mazzaglia, Mihai Mitrea, Guido Perboli, Paolo Ribeca, David Schultens, Jaime Yoon for presenting the activities.

Title HTML PPT Video
MPAI Mission, organisation and activities X X X X
Enhancing audio with AI X X X X
Connecting with standards organisations X X X X
AI-powered XR Venues X X X X
Connected Autonomous Vehicles X X X X
MPAI Metaverse Model X X X X
Avatar interoperability X X X X
Human and computers converse X X X X
Watermarking Neural Networks X X X X
Predicting company performance X X X X
Multi-source AI apps X X X X
Federated AI for Health X X X X
MPAI Ecosystem Governance X X X X
End-to-End Video Coding X X X X
AI-Enhanced Video Coding X X X X
Better and fairer online games with AI X X X X