MPAI Standards Resources

MPAI Standards are freely accessible until 2023/09/30. After that date, standards will remain publicly available, possibly for a fee.

Registration is requested to get a copy. Data will be processed according to the MPAI Policy.

Users of MPAI standards should bear in mind the Notices and Disclaimers concerning use of MPAI Standards.

Standard name Ver. Technical Specification Reference Software Conformance Testing Performance Assessment Demo
AI Framework
MPAI-AIF 1 Download
1.1 Download
Context-based Audio Enhancement
MPAI-CAE 1 Download
1.1 Download
1.2 Download
1.3 Download
Compression and Understanding of Financial Data
MPAI-CUI 1 Download Download Download Download Link
Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem
MPAI-GME 1 Download
Multimodal Conversation
MPAI-MMC 1 Download
1.1 Download
1.2 Download