Specifies the operation of the MPAI Ecosystem comprising MPAI, Implementers, MPAI Store, Performance Assessors and Users.

What MPAI-GME is about

Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem (MPAI-GME) is a foundational MPAI standard specifying the operation of the Ecosystem to enable:

  1. Implementers to develop components and solutions.
  2. Performance Assessors to assess the Performance of an Implementation.
  3. The MPAI Store to Test Implementations for Conformance and post Implementations to the MPAI Store website together with the results of Performance Assessment.
  4. End Users to download Implementations and report Experience Scores.

Visit the About MPAI-GME page for an introduction to the MPAI-GME standard.

MPAI-GME is a Technical Specification and MPAI-GME is available for download here.

MPAI is indebted to the following individuals: Panos Kudumakis (Friends of IST-37), Paolo Ribeca (James Hutton Ltd.) and Niccolò Pretto (Audio Innova).

See public MPAI-GME documents

  1. MPAI-GME Standard
  2. An introduction to MPAI-GME

MPAI-GME standard

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Version 1 Technical Specification