Date Title HTML docx
2021/11/24 MPAI approves AI Framework and calls for comments on Enhanced Audio standards X X
2021/10/27 MPAI calls for comments on one more candidate standard X X
2021/09/30 MPAI celebrates its first anniversary approving 3 standards for publication X X
2021/08/25 MPAI publishes 2 draft standards and 1 document for comments X X
2021/07/19 MPAI lays the foundations for a Mixed Reality Collaborative Spaces standard X X
2021/06/09 MPAI opens new projects leveraging its unique approach to AI standards X X
2021/05/12 MPAI starts development of AI-based company performance prediction standard X X
2021/04/14 MPAI consolidates the development of three AI-based data coding standards X X
2021/03/17 MPAI tackles AI-based risk analysis standard in a new Call for Technologies X X
2021/02/17 MPAI receives technologies for its AI framework standard and calls for technologies supporting audio and human-machine conversation X X
2021/01/20 MPAI addresses new standards for Context-based Audio Enhancement and Multimodal Conversation X X
2020/12/16 MPAI issues a Call for Technologies supporting its AI Framework standard X X
2020/11/18 MPAI commences development of the Framework Licence for the MPAI AI Framework X X
2020/10/21 MPAI launches 6 standard projects on audio, genomics, video, AI framework, multiuser online gaming and multimodal conversation X X
2020/09/30 A new organisation dedicated to data compression standards based on Artificial Intelligence X X
2020/09/09 MPAI launches Context-based Audio Enhancement standard project X X