MPAI-PRF specifies a method to signal the Profile of an  AI Module defined by collections of Attributes – input data, output data, and functionality – that uniquely characterise an AI Module instance. What MPAI-PRF is about
Description of the draft standard
Technical Specification V1.0

What MPAI-PRF is about

Some AI Modules (AIM) receive more/less input and produce more/fewer output data than an AIM with the same name that is used in other AI Workflows (AIW) even though they nominally perform the same functions. Since it is not realistic to require that all AIM instances s be equipped with the additional logic required to all the functionalities, Technical Specification: AI Module Profiles (MPAI-PRF) provides a mechanism that unambiguously signals which characteristics of an AIM – called Attributes – are supported by the AIM.

Download Technical Specification – AI Module Profiles (MPAI-PRF) V1.0.

MPAI appreciates the work carried out by Miran Choi, Gérard Chollet, Mark Seligman, and Jaime Yoon in the development of Technical Specification: AI Module Profiles (MPAI-PRF) V1.0.