The MPAI Ontology V1

This document provides elements for the MPAI Ontology referenced by the MPAI-AIF Technical Specification V1, specifically, for

  1. Resource Policy
  2. Authentication
  3. Protocol
  4. Architecture
  5. OS
  6. OSVersion
If “Name” == “Memory” then {

“Name”: “Memory”

“Minimum”: int (bytes)

“Maximum”: int (bytes)

“Request”: int (bytes)


If “Name” == “CPU:Number” then {

“Name”: “CPU:Number”

“Minimum”: int (>=0, 0 means “all”)

“Maximum”: int (>=0)

“Request”: int (>=0)


If “Name” == “CPU:Class” then {

“Name”: “CPU:Class”

“Minimum”: enum(“Low”, “Medium”, “High”)

“Maximum”: enum(“Low”, “Medium”, “High”)

“Request”: enum(“Low”, “Medium”, “High”)


If “Name” == “GPU:Number” then {

“Name”: “GPU:Number”

“Minimum”: int (>=0, 0 means “all”)

“Maximum”: int (>=0)

“Request”: int (>=0)


If “Name” == “GPU:CUDA:Class” then {

“Name”: “GPU:CUDA:Class”

“Minimum”: enum(“SM10”, “SM11”, “SM12”, “SM13”, “SM20”, “SM21”, “SM30”, “SM32”, “SM35”, “SM37”, “SM50”, “SM52”, “SM53”, “SM60”, “SM61”, “SM62”, “SM70”, “SM72”, “SM75”, “SM80”, “SM86”, “SM87”, “SM90”)

“Maximum”: enum(“SM10”, “SM11”, “SM12”, “SM13”, “SM20”, “SM21”, “SM30”, “SM32”, “SM35”, “SM37”, “SM50”, “SM52”, “SM53”, “SM60”, “SM61”, “SM62”, “SM70”, “SM72”, “SM75”, “SM80”, “SM86”, “SM87”, “SM90”)

“Request”: enum(“SM10”, “SM11”, “SM12”, “SM13”, “SM20”, “SM21”, “SM30”, “SM32”, “SM35”, “SM37”, “SM50”, “SM52”, “SM53”, “SM60”, “SM61”, “SM62”, “SM70”, “SM72”, “SM75”, “SM80”, “SM86”, “SM87”, “SM90”)


If “Name” == “GPU:CUDA:FrameBuffer” then {

“Name”: “GPU:CUDA:FrameBuffer”

“Minimum”: float “GB_” enum(“GDDR”, “GDDR2”, “GDDR3”, “GDDR4”, “GDDR5”, “GDDR5X”, “GDDR6”, “GDDR6X”)

“Maximum”: float “GB_” enum(“GDDR”, “GDDR2”, “GDDR3”, “GDDR4”, “GDDR5”, “GDDR5X”, “GDDR6”, “GDDR6X”)

“Request”: float “GB_” enum(“GDDR”, “GDDR2”, “GDDR3”, “GDDR4”, “GDDR5”, “GDDR5X”, “GDDR6”, “GDDR6X”)


If “Name” == “GPU:CUDA:MemorySpeed” then {

“Name”: “GPU:CUDA:MemorySpeed”

“Minimum”: float “GHz”

“Maximum”: float “GHz”

“Request”: float “GHz”


Authentication enum(“Token Authentication”, “Certificate-based Authentication”, “Password-based Authentication”)
Protocol enum(“UDP”, “TCP”, “HTTP”, “HTTPS”, “CoAP”, “CoAPS”, “L2CAP”, “BNEP”, “RFCOMM”, “SDP”, “RPC”, “RTP”, “RTCP”)
Architecture enum(“x86”, “x86-64”, “ARM”, “ARM64”, “MIPS”, “RISC-V”)
OS enum(“Windows”, “MacOS”, “Linux”, “Android”, “Zephyr”, “RTOS”, “Oniro”, “iOS”)
OSVersion {

“MinimumOSver”: string