MPAI members have been publishing their research and standards development work at conferences and technical journals.

Authors Title Event Date
Daniele Spina et al. (12) AI Server-Side Prediction for Latency Mitigation and Cheating Detection: The MPAI-SPG Approach 2024 IEEE Gaming, Entertainment, and Media Conference (GEM) 2024/06/
Chuanmin Jia et al. (1) MPAI-EEV: Standardization Efforts of Artificial Intelligence based End-to-End Video Coding IEEE 2023/08/30
Marina Bosi et al. (2) An MPAI/IEEE International Standard for Audio: Overview of CAE Audio Recording Preservation (ARP) Technology The Audio Engineering Society (AES) International Conference on Audio Archiving, Preservation & Restoration 2023/06/01-03
Andrea Basso et al. (3) Implementation of an IoT Wearable Prototype
on a Standard AI Architecture
COMMON-WEARS 2022 2022/09/12
Andrea Basso et al. (4) Architecture standardization for AI deployment on tiny micro-controllers on a Standard AI Architecture 12th IEEE Int. Conf. on CT 2022/09/02
Andrea Basso et al.(5) AI-Based Media Coding Standards SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal 2022/05/10
Leonardo Chiariglione et al (6) Towards a Standard for Human interaction with Connected Autonomous Vehicles  MetroCAD 2022 2022/04/28
G. Audrito et al (7) MPAI – Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Standards Ital-IA 2022 | 2° Nat’l Conf. 2022/02/09
Leonardo Chiariglione et al (8) AI-Based Media Coding and Beyond IBC 2021 2021/12/03
Marina Bosi et al. (9) Designing a Standard for Sound And Music Using Artificial Intelligence IEEE SMC 2021 2021/07/01
Leonardo Chiariglione et al. (10) A unified approach to the standardization of
AI-centered audio-visual data processing
IWSSIP 2021 2021/06/02
Mike Tsinberg et al. (11) Basic Applications, Technologies and Benefits for Video Coding by means of Artificial Intelligence HPA 2021 2021/03/15

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Scott Moskowitz.

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