Compression and Understanding of Industrial Data

Compression and Understanding of Industrial Data (MPAI-CUI) is an MPAI standard covering the AI-based Company Performance Prediction (CPP) Use Case.

CPP predicts the performance of a Company, using its Governance, Financial and Risk data in a given prediction horizon. CPP measures the Company Performance with parameters: Default Probability, Adequ­acy Index of Organis­ational Model, and Business Continuity Index.

Development of the MPAI-CUI Technical Specification V1, Reference Software V1, Conformance Testing V1 and Performance Testing V1 is completed. MPAI is indebted to the following individuals: Valeria Lazzaroli (Arisk srl), Luca Ligabue, Guido Perboli (Politecnico di Torino), Mariangela Rosano (Arisk srl and Politecnico di Torino).

See the public MPAI-CUI documents:

  1. MPAI-CUI Standard
  2. Presentation of MPAI-CUI
  3. Introduction to MPAI-CUI
  4.  Call for Technologies
  5. Framework Licence
  6. Use Cases and Functional Requirements
  7. Application Note

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