Technical Specification: MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) V1.1 specifies: Terms, Definitions, References, Operation Model, Functional Requirements of Processes, Actions, Items, and Data Types, and Functional Profiles enabling Interoperability of two or more metaverse instances (M-Instances) if they: Introduction
Operation Model
Functional Requirements
– Processes
– Actions
– Items
– Data Types

Scripting Language
Use Cases
Functional Profiles

  1. Rely on the Operation Model,
  2. Use the same Profile, and
    • Either the same technologies, or
    • Independent technologies while accessing Conversion Services that losslessly transform Data of an M-InstanceA to Data of an M-InstanceB.

Note: Full Interoperability may not be achieved if the M-Instances implement different Profiles.