MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Architecture WD for Community Comments

The MPAI-MMM – Architecture Working Draft (html, pdf)  is published with a request for Community Comments. See also video recordings (YT, WimTV) and the slides of the presentation made on 1st September. Send to the MPAI Secretariat by 2023/09/21T23:59 UTC. MPAI will use the Comments received to develop the final draft planned to be published at the 36th General Assembly (29 September 2023).

MPAI Metaverse Model – Architecture
Table of Contents

1 Introduction 9 Functional Requirements of Actions
2 Scope 10 Functional Requirements of Data Types
3 Defininions 11 Use Cases (Informative)
4 References 12 Functionality Profiles
5 Metaverse Functionalities Annex 1 – MPAI Basics
6 Metaverse Operation Model Annex 2 – Notices and Disclaimers Concerning MPAI Standards (Informa-tive)
7 Functional Requirements of Processes Annex 3 – General MPAI Terminology
8 Functional Requirements of Items Annex 4 – Patent declarations (Informative) 


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