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Technical Specification: MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Architecture enables two or more Metaverse Instances (M-Instances) to interoperate if they:

  1. Rely on the same Operation Model.
  2. Use either:
    • The same Technologies.
    • Independent Technologies but accessing appropriate Conversion Services.
  3. Provide the Functionalities of a Functional Profile of this Technical Specification to the extent enabled by the MPAI-MMM – Architecture Profile architecture.


Technical Specification: MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Architecture specifies:

  1. Terms (Normative).
  2. Metaverse Functionalities (Informative).
  3. Metaverse Operation Model (Normative).
  4. Functional Requirements of:
    • Processes, i.e., Programs executing in an M-Instance (Normative).
    • Items, i.e., Data and Metadata supported by an M-Instance (Normative).
    • Actions, i.e., Functionalities provided by Processes (Normative).
    • Data Types, i.e., Data used in Actions and Items (Normative).
  5. Use Cases (Informative).
  6. Functional Profiles (Normative).


This Technical Specification has been developed by the MMM group of the Requirements Standing Committee. MPAI may decide to publish extensions or new versions of this Technical Specification, or other Technical Specifications of the MPAI-MMM series.

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