The MPAI-MMM – Architecture Working Draft (html, pdf) is published with a request for Community Comments. Comments should be sent to the MPAI Secretariat by 2023/09/21T23:59 UTC. MPAI will use the Comments received to develop the final draft planned to be published at the 36th General Assembly (29 September 2023). An online presentation of the WD will be held on September 01 at 08 and 15 UTC. Register here for the 08 UTC and here for the 15 UTC presentations.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 9 Functional Requirements of Actions
2 Scope 10 Functional Requirements of Data Types
3 Defininions 11 Use Cases (Informative)
4 References 12 Functionality Profiles
5 Metaverse Functionalities Annex 1 – MPAI Basics
6 Metaverse Operation Model Annex 2 – Notices and Disclaimers Concerning MPAI Standards (Informa-tive)
7 Functional Requirements of Processes Annex 3 – General MPAI Terminology
8 Functional Requirements of Items Annex 4 – Patent declarations (Informative) 

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