Artificial Intelligence Framework (MPAI-AIF)

AI Framework (MPAI-AIF) is an MPAI standard designed to enable environments (AIF) that execute AI Workflows (AIW) composed of basic components called AI Modules (AIM). It is a foundational MPAI standard on which other MPAI application standards are built. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) has adopted MPAI-AIF with the name IEEE 3301-2022.

MPAI has called for Version 2 (V2) technologies to extend the capabilities of Version 1 and make life easier to AI application developers wishing to support security in a flexible “à la carte” way. MPAI is now developing the MPAI-AIF V2 Technical Specification using the responses received in response to the following documents:

  1. MPAI-AIF V2 Call for Technologies (closed)
  2. MPAI-AIF V2 Use Cases and Functional Requirements
  3. MPAI-AIF V2 Framework Licence
  4. MPAI-AIF V2 Template for responses.

Development of the MPAI-AIF Technical Specification V1 is completed. MPAI is indebted to the following individuals: Andrea Basso (Synesthesia), Ferruccio Damiani (University of Turin), Michelangelo Guarise (Volumio), Paolo Ribeca (James Hutton, Ltd.), Scott Moskowitz (Wistaria Trading) and  Steve Dukes (Dreamerse).

See the public MPAI-AIF documents related to Version 1:

  1. MPAI-AIF Standard.
  2. Introduction to MPAI-AIF
  3. The MPAI Ontology V1.1
  4.  Call for Technologies
  5. Use Cases and Functional Requirements
  6. Framework Licence
  7. Application Note

Visit the About MPAI-AIF page for general information about MPAI-AIF V1 and V2.