Enables dynamic configuration, initialisation, and control of AI Workflows in a standard AI Framework.

What MPAI-AIF is about
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What MPAI-AIF is about

Technical Specification: Artificial Intelligence Framework (MPAI-AIF) V2.0 is a foundational MPAI standard on which most MPAI application standards are built. It specifies architecture, interfaces, protocols, and API of a secure environment specially designed for execution of AI-based applications implemented as AI workflows (AIW) of AI modules (AIM). Version 2 extends the capabilities of Version 1 making it easier for AI application developers to support security in their applications.

Material about MPAI-AIF V2.0

MPAI thanks the following individuals for their valuable contribution to the development of MPAI-AIF V2: Andrea Basso, Francesco Gallo, Muhammad Yasir Shabir, and Gianluca Torta.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) has adopted MPAI-AIF V1 with the name IEEE 3301-2022.

Version 2 – Version 1

MPAI has developed MPAI-AIF V2 according to its rigorous process:

  1. Published a Working Draft of Version 2 (html, pdf) requesting Community Comments.  Comments had to be sent to the MPAI Secretariat by 2023/09/24T23:59 UTC. See the video recordings (YouTube, WimTV), the slides of the presentation made on 11 September, and An overview of AI Framework (MPAI-AIF).
  2. MPAI-AIF V2 has been developed using the responses received in response to the following documents:
    1. MPAI-AIF V2 Call for Technologies (closed)
    2. MPAI-AIF V2 Use Cases and Functional Requirements
    3. MPAI-AIF V2 Framework Licence
    4. MPAI-AIF V2 Template for responses.
  1. 1 min 20 sec video (YouTube ) and video (non YouTube) illustrating MPAI-AIF V2 Call for Technologies.
  2. slides presented at the online meeting on 2022/07/11.
  3. video recording of the online presentation (Youtubenon-YouTube) made at that 11 July presentation.


Version 2Version 1

MPAI is indebted to the following individuals for the development of MPAI-AIF V1: Andrea Basso (Synesthesia), Ferruccio Damiani (University of Turin), Michelangelo Guarise (Volumio), Paolo Ribeca (James Hutton, Ltd.), Scott Moskowitz (Wistaria Trading) and  Steve Dukes (Dreamerse).

See the public MPAI-AIF documents related to Version 1:

  1. MPAI-AIF Standard.
  2. Introduction to MPAI-AIF
  3. The MPAI Ontology V1.1
  4.  Call for Technologies
  5. Use Cases and Functional Requirements
  6. Framework Licence
  7. Application Note

MPAI-AIF standard

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Version 1.1 Technical Specification
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