Multimodal Conversation (MPAI-MMC)

Multi-modal conversation (MPAI-MMC) is an MPAI standard covering Conversation with Emotion supporting audio-visual conversation with a machine impersonated by a synthetic voice and an animated face; Multimodal Question Answering supports request for information about a dis­played object; Unidirectional, Bidirectional and One-to-Many Speech Translation support conversational translation using a synthetic voice that preser­ves the speech features of the human.

Development of the MPAI-MMC Technical Specification V1 is completed. MPAI is indebted to the following individuals: Miran Choi (ETRI), Gérard Chollet (IMT), Jisu Kang (KLleon), Mark Seligman (SMI) and Fathy Yassa (SMI) for their efforts.

Reference Software, Conformance Testing and Performance Assessment are under development.

See the public MPAI-MMC documents:

  1. Introdution to MPAI-MMC
  2. MPAI-MMC Standard
  3.  Call for Technologies
  4. Framework Licence
  5. Use Cases and Functional Requirements
  6. Application Note