Enables interoperability between clients and metaverse instance (M-Instances) and between M-Instances by specifying Operation Model, Functional Profiles, and Functional Requirements of Processes, Actions, Items, and Data Types. Outline | Summary
MPAI-MMM – Architecture (MMM-ARC)
MPAI-MMM – Technologies (MMM-TEC) (Under development)

What MPAI-MMM is about

The MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) is an MPAI project developing Technical Reports and Technical Specifications supporting Metaverse Interoperability. Before that, MPAI has produced the Functionalities and Functionality Profiles Technical Reports and the MPAI-MMM – Architecture Technical Specification.

Technical Specification: MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Architecture specifies Terms and Definitions; Operation Model; Functional Requirements of Processes, Actions, Items, and Data Types; and Functional Profiles enabling Interoperability of two or more metaverse instances (M-Instances) if they rely on the Operation Model, and use the same Profile Architecture, and either the same technologies, or independent technologies while accessing Conversion Services that losslessly transform Data of an M-InstanceA to Data of an M-InstanceB.

Material about MPAI-MMM

MPAI is indebted to the following individuals for the development of Technical Specification – MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Architecture: Simone Casale-Brunet, Gérard Chollet , Panos Kudumakis, Philip Merrill, and Paolo Ribeca.

The MPAI-MMM – Architecture Working Draft (html, pdf)  was published with a request for Community Comments. See also the video recordings (YT, WimTV) and the slides of the presentation made on 1st September. Read An overview of MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Architecture. Send the Comments to the MPAI Secretariat by 2023/09/28T23:59 UTC. MPAI will use the Comments received to develop the final draft planned to be published at the 36th General Assembly (29 September 2023).

Technologies for MPAI-MMM – Architecture have been requested with a deadline of 10 July as below:

Call for Technologies (closed) html,  pdf
Use Cases and Functional Requirements html, pdf
Framework Licence html, pdf
Template for responses html, docx
Online presentation powerpoint, video (YT – non-YT)

Here are links to the two Technical Reports:

MPAI is indebted to the following individuals for their contributions to the development of:

  1. Technical Report: MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Functionalities: Simone Casale-Brunet (EPFL), Gérard Chollet (Institut Mines Télécom), Jungha Hong (ETRI), Panos Kudumakis, Paolo Ribeca (James Hutton Ltd), and Jaime Yoon (HanCom).
  2. Technical Report – MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Functionality Profiles: Simone Casale-Brunet, Gérard Chollet (Institut Mines Télécom), Panos Kudumakis, and Paolo Ribeca (James Hutton Ltd).


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Version 1 MPAI Multiverse Model – Functionality profiles MPAI Metaverse Model – Functionalities

Contact secretariat for more information. Go to the https://mmm.mpai.community page.