This is the public page of the Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem (MPAI-GME) standard.  See the MPAI-GME homepage.

MPAI-GME lays down the operation and the rules of the ecosystem composed of: MPAI, its standards, standards implementers, performance assessors, the MPAI Store and end users.

The ecosystem is represented by the figure.

Here is the operation of the MPAI Ecosystem

  • MPAI
    • develops standards composed of Technical Specification, Reference Software, Conformance Testing and Performance Assessment
    • Establishes and controls the MPAI Store
    • Appoints Performance Assessors
  • An Implementer
    • Receives and MPAI Standard
    • Develops and Implementation
    • Submits the Implementation to a Performance Assessor (this is an option)
  • The Performance Assessors
    • Assesses the Implementation
    • Communicates the grade of Performance found to Implementer and MPAI Store
  • The Implementer submits its Implementation to the MPAI Store
  • The MPAI Store
    • Verifies the security of the Implementation
    • Tests the Conformance of the Implementation
    • Checks that the grade of Performance is adequate
    • Posts the Implementation to the Store indicating the Interoperability Level
    • Runs a Reputation system
  • An End User
    • Downloads an Implementation
    • Provides feedback to MPAI Store’s Reputation system.

The Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem Technical Specification is publicly available.

MPAI is currently setting up the IT infrastructure of the MPAI Store.

If you wish to participate in this work you have the following options

  1. Join MPAI
  2. Keep an eye on this page.

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