XR Venues

XR Venues (MPAI-XRV) is an MPAI project addressing use cases enabled by  AR/VR/MR/Immersive Reality Dome, collectively called Extended Reality (XR), and enhanced by Artificial Intelligence technologies. The word venue is used as a synonym to Environment, both real and virtual.

The goals of the project are:

  1. To identify and characterise AI Modules (AIMs) re-usable across use cases.
  2. To develop requirements for the AI Workflows (AIWs) implementing the identified use cases and for AIM functions and input/output data.
  3. To draft and publish Calls for Technologies satisfying the identified functional requirements and the commercial requirements.
  4. To specify the enabling technologies in a series of MPAI standards.

These are public MPAI-XRV documents

  1. XR Venue Use Cases and Functional Requirements WD0.9
  2. MPAI-XRV progress report and plans
  3. XR Venue (MPAI-XRV) – Live Theatrical Stage Performance UCFR WD0.4