Supports use cases in different application domains enabled by XR and enhanced by Artificial Intelligence.

What MPAI-XRV is about

XR Venues (MPAI-XRV) is an MPAI project developing standards supporting use cases enabled by AR/VR/MR/Immersive Reality, collectively called Extended Reality (XR), and enhanced by Artificial Intelligence technologies. The word venue is used as a synonym to Environment, both real and virtual.

The first standard specifies the AI Workflow  required to implement the Live Theatrical Stage Performance use case, and the AI Modules enabling automation of  live multisensory immersive stage performances which ordinarily require extensive on-site show control staff to operate.

See a summary of technologies requested at XR Venues – Live Theatrical Stage Performance

MPAI was seeking proposals of technologies that enable the implementation of standard components (AI Modules) to make real the MPAI-XRV – Live Theatrical Stage Performance described above. The deadline for submitting a response was 2023  November 20 at 23:59 UTC. Those intending to submit a response were requested to become fully familiar with the following documents:

Call for Technologies (closed) html,  pdf
Use Cases and Functional Requirements htmlpdf
Framework Licence htmlpdf
Template for responses html, docx

See also the video recordings (YouTube, WimTV) and the slides of tthe presentation made on 12 September. Read What is the XR Venues – Live Theatrical Stage Performance Call for Technologies about?

The goals of the MPAI-XRV project are:

  1. To identify and characterise AI Modules (AIMs) re-usable across use cases.
  2. To develop requirements for the AI Workflows (AIWs) implementing the identified use cases and for AIM functions and input/output data.
  3. To draft and publish Calls for Technologies satisfying the identified functional requirements and the commercial requirements.
  4. To specify the enabling technologies in a series of MPAI standards.