Visual Geometry

A Data Type representing the spatial arrangement of the Visual Objects of a Scene.



Label Size Description
HEADER 9 Bytes
·       Standard 7 Bytes The string OSD-VSG
·       Version 1 Byte Major version
·       Subversion 1 Byte Minor
VSDID 16 Bytes UUID Identifier of the total sequence of Visual Scene Geometries (uuid).
Time 17 Bytes Collects various data expressed with bits.
·       TimeType 0 bit 0=Relative: time starts at 0000/00/00T00:00

1=Absolute: time starts at 1970/01/01T00:00.

·       Reserved 1-7 bits reserved
·       StartTime 8 Bytes Start time of current Visual Scene Descriptors (in microseconds).
·       EndTime 8 Bytes End time of current Visual Scene Descriptors (in microseconds).
VisualObjectCount 1 Byte Number of Visual Objects in Visual Scene.
VisualObjectsData N1 Bytes Data associated to each Visual Object.
·       VisualObjectID 1 Byte ID of a specific Visual Object in a Visual Scene.
·       SpatialAttitude N2 Bytes N2=N1-N3-3