1     Version


2     Functions

Video Lip Animation (MMC-VLA):

  1. Receives
    1. Machine Speech
    2. Machine Emotion
    3. Video from Video of Faces KB.
  2. Produces a Face Object uttering Machine Speech displaying animated lips on a face displaying Machine Emotion.

3      Reference Module

Figure 1 depicts the Reference Module of the Video Lip Animation AIM.

Figure 1 – The Video Lip Animation AIM

4      I/O Data

Table 1 specifies the Input and Output Data of the Video Lip Animation AIM.

Table 1 – I/O Data of the Video Lip Animation AIM

Input data From Comment
Machine Speech From Text-To-Speech AIM The vocal response of a Machine.
Machine Emotion Emotion produced by a Machine Emotion in Speech.
Emotion (Face) Video From Video of Faces KB.
Output data To Description
Face Object Human viewer Human having conversation with Machine.

5     SubAIMs

No SubAIMs.

6     JSON Metadata