1     Version


2    Functions

Virtual Meeting Secretary (MMC-VMS)

  1. Listens to the Speech of each avatar in the virtual meeting.
  2. Monitors their Personal Status.
  3. Drafts a Summary using the avatars’ Personal Status and Text obtained from Automatic Speech Recognition or directly via Text input in the meeting’s common language handled in two different ways:
    • Transferred to an external application so that participants can edit the Summary.
    • Displayed to avatars:
      • Avatars make Speech comments or Text comments (e.g., offline via chat).
      • The Virtual Secretary edits the Summary interpreting Text, and the avatars’ Personal Statuses.

3      Reference Architecture

Figure 1 gives the Reference Architecture.

Figure 1 – Reference Model of the Virtual Meeting Secretary Use Case

4      I/O Data

Table 1 specifies the Input and Output Data of the Virtual Meeting Secretary AIW.

Table 1 – I/O data of Virtual Meeting Secretary

Input data From Description
Portable Avatar Server Portable Avatars as re-multiplexed by Server
Output data To Descriptions
VS Portable Avatar Server VS Portable Avatar to Server
Summary Server Summary of avatars’ interventions

5     JSON Metadata


6     SubAIMs

Portable Avatar Demultiplexing
Visual Scene Creation
Audio Scene Creation
Audio-Visual Scene Rendering