Intention is the result of analysis of the goal of a question.



Name Definition
Intention Provides abstracts of Intention of User Question using properties: qtopic, qfocus, qLAT, qSAT and qdomain
qtopic Indicates the topic of the question. Question topic is the object or event that the question is about.
Ex. of Qtopic is King Lear in “Who is the author of King Lear?”.
qfocus Indicates the focus of the question, which is the part of the question that, if replaced by the answer, makes the question a stand-alone statement. Ex. What, where, who, what policy. Which river, etc.
Question: Who is the president of USA? (The word “Who” is the focus of the question and it will be replaced by “Biden” in the Answer.)
Answer: Biden is the president of USA.
qLAT Indicates the lexical answer type of the question.
qSAT Indicates the semantic answer type of the question. QSAT corresponds to Named Entity type of the language analysis results.
qdomain Indicates the domain of the question such as “science”, “weather”, “history”.
Ex. Who is the third king of Yi dynasty in Korea? (qdomain: history)