1       Definition

Personal Preferences includes passenger-specific preferences that enable an HCI to have access to information that facilitates human-HCI interaction. This is particularly useful when the passenger uses a rented CAV.

2       Functional Requirements

The data in the Personal Preferences should include:

  1. Seat position.
  2. Mirror position.
  3. Display characteristics.
  4. Preferred driving style.
  5. Preferential routes.
  6. Preferred information sources.
  7. Preferred entertainment sources

3       Syntax


4       Semantics

Label Size Description
Header N1 Bytes
·         Standard 9 Bytes The characters “CAV-PPR-V”
·         Version N2 Bytes Major version – 1 or 2 characters
·         Dot-separator 1 Byte The character “.”
·         Subversion N3 Byte Minor version – 1 or 2 characters
humanID N4 Bytes ID of the human the Personal Profile refers to.
PersonalPreferenceID N5 Bytes ID of Personal Profile.
PersonalPreferences N6 Bytes Set of Personal Preferences.
·         Language N7 Bytes Preferred Language.
·         Seat position. N8 Bytes Preferred seat position.
·         Mirror position. N9 Bytes Preferred mirror position
·         Display characteristics. N10 Bytes Preferred display characteristics
·         Preferred driving style. N11 Bytes Preferred driving style
·         Preferential routes N12 Bytes Preferred routes.
DescrMetadata N13 Bytes Descriptive Metadata

5. SubAIMs

No SubAIMs

6. Profiles

No Profiles