Table 3 gives the data types proper of the MPAI ecosystem:

Table 3 – The data types of the MPAI ecosystem

Data type Definition
Conformance data Data developed by MPAI to test the Conformance of an Implementation. It is defined and its version is controlled by MPAI and freely accessible from the MPAI Store.
Performance data Data developed or specified by MPAI to assess the Performance of an Implementation. It is version-controlled by MPAI and may be accessible from a qualified third party (e.g., a Performance Assessor).
Implementations Software implementing AIF, AIWs and AIMs submitted by Implementers and

1.     Verified for security issues by MPAI security experts.

2.     Tested for Conformance by the MPAI Store.

3.     Assessed for Performance upon request of Implementer.

Implementations available on the MPAI Store can be commercial or non-commercial.

Licence A token describing the rights of a User to an Implementation.