The Human and Machine Communication AIW is specified by its Functions , its Input and Output Data and its AIM topology. Table 1 specifies the Input and Output Data of MPAI-HMC. The topology is specified by Reference Model. Each Input/Output Data of MPAI-HMC is linked to its definition or specification. MPAI-HMD does likewise for the Input/Output Data of each AIM.

Table 1 – Input/Output Data of MPAI-HMC

Input Description
Portable Avatar A Communication Item emitted by the communicating Entity.
Input Selector


Selector containing data that determines:
1.     Whether the communicating Entity uses Speech or Text as input.
2.     Which language is used as input.
3.     The target Language in translation.
Input Text Text Object generated by the communicating Entity as information additional to or in lieu of Speech Object.
Input Audio The audio scene captured by the Machine.
Input Visual The visual scene captured by the Machine.
Output Description
Portable Avatar The Communication Item produced by the Machine.
Output Audio The rendered audio corresponding to the Audio in the Communication Item.
Output Visual The rendered visual corresponding to the visual in the Communication Item.
Output Text The Text in the Communication Item.