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Technical Specification: Human and Machine Communication (MPAI-HMC) – referred to in the following as MPAI-HMC – enables advanced forms of communication between Entities, that is, either humans present in a real space or represented in a Virtual Space, or Machines represented in a Virtual Space or rendered in the real space as interacting speaking avatars. The communicating participants act in Contexts using text, speech, face, gesture, and the audio-visual scene in which they are embedded.

MPAI-HMC specifies the Communicating Entities in Context Use Case.

MPAI-HMC includes the following Chapters:

  1. Scope
  2. Definitions
  3. References
  4. Use Case
  5. Functions of MPAI-HMC
  6. Reference Model of MPAI-HMC
  7. Input/Output Data of MPAI-HMC
  8. Composite AI Module Specification
  9. JSON Metadata
  10. Data Types

Note that:

  1. The point 8. specifies Functions, Reference Model, and I/O Data of all AIMs.
  2. If an AIM is a Composite AIM, its SubAIMs are hierarchically specified.
  3. All JSON Metadata and Data Types are specified in separate Chapters.


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