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Technical Specification: Human and Machine Communication (MPAI-HMC) – referred to in the following as MPAI-HMC – specifies technologies that enable advanced forms of communication involving humans in different forms, e.g., as humans in a real space or their digital representations in a Virtual Space, and Machines also in different forms, e.g., as digital instantiations in a Virtual Space or as humanoids rendered in a real space.

In this specification, a word beginning with a small letter represents an object in the real world. A word beginning with a capital letter represents an Object in the Virtual World.

MPAI-HMC Version 1.1 specifies the Communicating Entities in Context Use Case as a first example of how effective forms of human-Machine communication can be implemented in an interoperable fashion.

MPAI-HMC has been developed by CAE-DC, MMC-DC, and PAF-DC.

MPAI may develop future versions of this Technical Specification or new Technical Specifications addressing the Human and Machine Communication area.


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