1.      Definition

Text information represented with a Character Set introduced to a system .

 2      Functional Requirements

The Character Set should represent the characters for most of the languages in current use.

3      Syntax


 3       Semantics

Label Size Description
Header N1 Bytes Input Text Header
– Standard 9 Bytes The characters “MMC-ITX-V”
– Version N2 Bytes Major version – 1 or 2 characters
– Dot-separator 1 Byte The character “.”
– Subversion N3 Byte Minor version – 1 or 2 characters
MInstanceID N4 Bytes ID of the Metaverse Instance.
InputTextID N5 Bytes ID of Input Text.
InputTextData N7 Bytes Data associated to Input Text.
– InputTextQualifier N8 Bytes Qualifier of Input Text
– InputTextPayload N9 Bytes The Data of the Input Text
  – InputTextLength N10 Bytes Number of Bytes in Input Text
  – InputTextDataURI N11 Bytes URI of Data of Input Text
DescrMetadata N12 Bytes Descriptive Metadata

5         Data Formats

Text Formats and Text Attributes are required.

 4       To Respondents

Respondents are invited to propose Text Formats and Text Attributes.