MPAI-NNW specifies methodologies to evaluate the following aspects of a neural network watermarking technology:

  • The impact on the performance of a watermarked neural network and its inference.
  • The ability of a neural network watermarking detector/decoder to detect/decode a payload when the watermarked neural network has been modified.
  • The computational cost of injecting, detecting or decoding a payload in the watermarked neural network.

The standard assumes that:

  • The neural network watermarking technology to be evaluated according to this standard is publicly available.
  • The watermarking key is unknown during evaluation.
  • The performance of the neural network watermarking technology does not depend on a specific key.

This Technical Specification has been developed by the MPAI Neural Network Watermarking Development Committee (NNW-DC). As the neural network watermarking area is fast-evolving, MPAI expects it will produce future MPAI-NNW versions providing methods to cope with technology evolution.