1.      Definition

Visual Data leaving an AIW or AIM.

 2      Functional Requirements

Output Visual shall have a Format ID and an Attribute ID.

Output Visual is used in different application domains.

In the Connected Autonomous Vehicle domain, Output Visual is used to:

  1. Render the HCI.
  2. Render the Full Environment Representation

3      Syntax


 4       Semantics

Label Size Description
Header N1 Bytes Input AudioHeader
– Standard 9 Bytes The characters “CAE-OVI-V”
– Version N2 Bytes Major version – 1 or 2 characters
– Dot-separator 1 Byte The character “.”
– Subversion N3 Byte Minor version – 1 or 2 characters
MInstanceID N4 Bytes ID of the Metaverse Instance.
OutputVisualID N5 Bytes ID of Output Visual.
OutputOutputVisualData N6 Bytes Set of Output Visual Data
– OutputVisualFormatID Ny Bytes ID of Visual Format
– OutputVisualLength N8 Bytes The Length of Output Visual in Bytes
– OutputVisualDataURI N9 Bytes The URI of Output Visual
OutputVisual N10 Bytes Set of Attributes of Output Visual
– OutputVisualAttributeID N11 Bytes The Attribute ID of Output Visual
– OutputVisualAttributeFormatID N12 Bytes The Attribute Format ID of Output Visual
– OutputVisualAttributeLength N13 Bytes The Length of Output Visual Attribute in Bytes
– OutputVisualAttributeDataURI N14 Bytes URI of Output Visual Attribute
DescrMetadata N15 Bytes Descriptive Metadata

5         Data Formats

VisualFormats and VisualAttributes are required.

 6       To Respondents

Respondents are invited to propose Visual Formats and Visual Attributes.