MPAI held its 3rd preparatory meeting on 2020/08/24T14:00-16:00 UTC and decided to initiate or continue the following five areas of activity

  1. Development of a bibliography of papers and patents on “Video coding by AI”
  2. Development of an annotated list of entities – associations and institutes – who have AI in their mission
  3. Development of use cases of AI-enabled data compression (so far some 30 use cases have been collected). Each use case is and will be described according to the following format
    1. Proponent: name of the member who proposed the use case
    2. Application description: a detailed description of the use case
    3. Comments: any comment that may clarify the use case
    4. What is standardised: as each use case is a candidate to enter the MPAI work plan, we need to understand what interface, format etc. requires standardisation
    5. Characterization table: a collection of relevant characteristics
      1. Expected benefits
      2. Volume
      3. Quality Criteria
      4. Maturity
      5. Relevance of AI
      6. Users
      7. Players
      8. Level of interest
  4. Identification and description, including structure, of all data types that are potentially the target of MPAI standardisation (the compression, not the data)
  5. Identification of conditions for MPAI standardisation. Standard for compressing data by AI are likely to be driven by a different logic than done so far in a non-AI context. Three conditions have already been identified.

A series of meeting has been planned (all meetings at 14:00 UTC)

Work area Confcalls
Use cases of AI-enabled data compression (audio) 2020/09/01
Use cases of AI-enabled data compression (video) 2020/09/02
4th MPAI preparatory meeting (Statutes) 2020/08/25
5th MPAI preparatory meeting 2020/09/09
6th MPAI preparatory meeting 2020/09/23
Constitutive General Assembly 2020/09/??

For more details please contact Leonardo