MPAI is pleased to announce that Multimodal Conversation (MPAI-MMC), AI Framework (MPAI-AIF), and Context-based Audio Enhancement (MPAI-CAE) have been adopted without modification by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) Standards Association as IEEE Standards 3300-2022, 3301-2022, and 3302-2022, respectively.
The sequence of steps that has led to this result has involved the granting to IEEE of the right to publish and distribute the text of IEEE Standards 3300-2022, 3301-2022, and 3302-2022 as derivative works of MPAI-MMC, MPAI-AIF, and MPAI-CAE. It has also paved the way to the establishment of the MPAI Store, a non-profit organisation with the mandate to assign ImplementerIDs, unique identifiers of MPAI technical specification, to implementers, and the verification and distribution of MPAI implementations.
Implementers owning an ImplementerID can uniquely identify their embodiments of AI Frameworks (AIF), AI Workflows (AIW), and AI Modules (AIM). Thanks to the ImplementerID syntax, the MPAI Store can verify that an implementation submitted for distribution has indeed been originated by the implementer identified by the ImplementerID.
On the same occasion, the IEEE has approved the establishment of Project Authorization Report (PAR) P3303 Working Group (WG). The WG is in charge of managing the process eventually leading to the adoption of Compression and Understanding of Industrial Data (MPAI-CUI) without modification as IEEE P3303.
MPAI continues to look forward to a fruitful collaboration with IEEE on these and future MPAI standards.