7       Data privacy. 36

7.1       Human-CAV Interaction (HCI) 36

7.2       Environment Sensing Subsystem (ESS) 37

7.3       CAV to Everything (V2X) 37

7.4       Autonomous motion subsystem (AMS) 37

7.5       Motion Actuation Subsystem (MAS) 37

7        Data privacy

A CAV can generate or acquire data for which privacy is an important characteristic. Here are some of the functions potentially affected by data privacy or that are liable to become accessible to authorities, e.g., police and judiciary.

1.1       Human-CAV Interaction (HCI)

By having interactions with humans, HCI becomes aware of potentially sensitive information, e.g.:

  1. Result of monitoring the passenger cabin.
  2. Minute requests from humans, e.g., go to a way point, display Full World Representation, turn off air conditioning, etc.
  3. Dialogue with human

1.2       Environment Sensing Subsystem (ESS)

ESS collects large among of environment data for the purpose of creating instantaneous Basic World Representations, e.g.:

  1. GNSS gives the position of the CAV and of whatever is perceived by the CAV that is approximate, but sufficiently precise for my uses.
  2. Radar, Lidar, Ultrasound give variously defined information about what is in the environment surrounding the CAV.
  3. Cameras give a 360° panoramic view of the environment where all objects, save those occluded, are visible.
  4. External microphones give a complete representation of the external sound field.

A user could create a permanent and certified recording of important data acquired by ESS.

The environment recorder could compress and record all data acquired for a limited amount of time. Some data could be recorded for a longer time.

1.3       CAV to Everything (V2X)

V2X acquires the identity of the CAVs in range and communicates appropriate subsets of the Basic and Full Worlds Representations.

1.4       Autonomous motion subsystem (AMS)

AMS knows the exact waypoints the CAV has passed through and all the commands given to the Motion Actuation Subsystem.

By integrating the Basic World Representations of all CAVs in range and its own, a CAV can create a pretty detailed and extended map of the environment.

Recording the decisions made by the Decision Recorder creates highly critical data.

1.5       Motion Actuation Subsystem (MAS)

MAS acquires position information through its Inertial Measurements Unit.