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Metaverse is a widely used term that conveys a still nebulous notion encompassing new forms of communication expected to create new jobs, opportunities, and experiences with transformational impacts on virtually all sectors of human interaction.

In general, a metaverse instance is viewed as a more complex communication environment with several additional features, such as synchronous and persistent experiences and virtual reality features such as avatars, etc. that may or may not be controlled by humans and objects of the real world.

The MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) is a project aiming to provide Technical Reports and Technical Specifications that apply to as many kinds of metaverse instances as possible and enable varied metaverse implementations to interoperate.

At present, achieving interoperability is difficult because there is no common understanding of what a metaverse should be, there is many existing and potential metaverse use cases, some independently designed metaverse implementations are very successful, and some important technologies are not available.

MPAI has developed a roadmap to deal with this unusually challenging situation. The first milestone has developed metaverse functionalities that users expect a metaverse to provide. The second milestone targets Functionality Profiles, i.e., profiles that are defined by the functionalities they offer, not by technologies implementing them.

The 1 hour event will explore in detail the content of the document.