1      Version


2      Functions


  1. Receives Microphone Array Audio from a Microphone Array recordings
  2. Extracts
    1. The speech signals from individual speakers.
    2. the Spatial Attitudes of the speakers with respect to the position of the Microphone Array to enable the spatial representation of the speech signals by an interested party.
  3. Reduces the background noise and the reverberation that reduce speech intelligibility.
  4. Provides the Audio Scene Geometry and the speech signals packaged in a format that is amenable to further processing for efficient delivery and further processing.

3      Reference Model

Figure 1 – Enhanced Audioconference Experience (CAE-EAE) AIW

4      Input/Output Data

Table 1 – Input/Output Data of CAE-EARAIW

Input Comments
Microphone Array Geometry Data Type representing the position of each microphone comprising a Microphone Array and specific characteristics such as microphone type, look directions, and the array type.
Microphone Array Audio A Data Type whose structure contains between 4 and 256 time-aligned interleaved Audio Channels organised in blocks.
Output data Comments
Multichannel Audio Stream Interleaved Multichannel Audio packaged with Time Code as specified in

5      SubAIMs

The AIMs required by the Speech Restoration System AIW are described in Table 1

Table 11 – AI Modules of of CAE-EAE AIW

CAE-EAE Enhanced Audioconference Experience X
CAE-AAT Audio Analysis Transform X
CAE-SFD Sound Field Description X
CAE-SDS Speech Detection and Separation X
CAE-NCM Noise Cancellation Module X
CAE-AST Audio Synthesis Transform X
CAE-ADP Audio Description Packaging X

6     JSON Metadata