Avatar is a Visual Object composed of Avatar Model, Body Descriptors, and Face Descriptors. Its Format is identified by the FormatID.

Avatar Model is a Visual Object whose Format is identified by FormatID.

Portable Avatar is a Data Type that enables a receiver to reproduce an Avatar and its Context as intended by the Transmitter.

Syntax of Portable Avatar

Semantics of Portable Avatar

Label Size Description
HEADER 9 Bytes
·       Standard 7 Bytes The string PAF-PAF
·       Version 1 Byte Major version
·       Subversion 1 Byte Minor version
PAFID 16 Bytes UUID Identifier of Portable Avatar set.
Time 17 Bytes Collects various data expressed with bits
·       TimeType 0 bit 0=Relative: time starts at 0000/00/00T00:00

1=Absolute: time starts at 1970/01/01T00:00.

·       Reserved 1-7 bits reserved
·       StartTime 8 Bytes Start of current Portable Avatar (µs).
·       EndTime 8 Bytes End of current Portable Avatar (µs).
AudioVisualSceneDescriptors N5 Bytes Descriptors of the AV Scene.
AvatarID N0 Bytes ID of the Avatar
SpatialAttitude N1 Bytes Spatial Attitude of Avatar in AV Scene.
AvatarModel N2 Bytes Model of Avatar.
BodyDescriptors N3 Bytes Body Descriptors of Avatar.
FaceDescriptors N4 Bytes Face Descriptors of Avatar.
Language 2 Bytes Language Preference of Avatar.
SpeechType 3 Bytes Speech Data representation method
Speech N6 Bytes Speech in the StartTime-EndTime period.
Text N7 Bytes Text in the StartTime-EndTime period.
PersonalStatus N8 Bytes Personal Status of Avatar.