Visual Object is a Data Type digitally representing either

  1. An object in the real world that a human can perceive with the visual sense, or
  2. A synthetically generated Object that a human can perceive with the visual sense when rendered.

The Format of a Visual Object is signalled by FormatID.



Table 1 provides the semantics of a Visual Object.

Table 1 – Visual Object semantics

Label Size Description
HEADER 9 Bytes
·       Standard 7 Bytes The string OSD-ASD
·       Version 1 Byte Major version
·       Subversion 1 Byte Minor version
VOBID 16 Bytes UUID Identifier of Visual Object.
VisualObjectData N1 Bytes Data associated to each Visual Object.
◦   FormatID 1 Byte Visual Object Format Identifier
◦   ObjectLength 4 Bytes Number of Bytes in Visual Object
◦   DataInObject N2 Bytes Data of Visual Object