AI Framework (MAI-AIF)

MPAI seeks comments on MPAI-AIF Technical Specification WD0.12, a draft MPAI Standard enabling creation and autom­ation of mixed Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Processing and inference workflows, implemented as software, hardware, or hybrid software and hardware.

Comments are especially requested on the suitability of the standard in its current form, and suggestions for future work.

Please send your comments by email to the MPAI Secretariat by 20 November 2021.

Your comments will not be shared outside MPAI but considered by AIF-DC, the Development Committee in charge of the standard. The Secretariat will provide an individual response to your comments.

Please note that comments shall not include any Intellectual Property matters. If any will be received, the Secretariat will return the email and not forward it to any MPAI member or Development Committee.

However, if you believe you have IP in the areas where MPAI develops standards, please read the MPAI Statutes and consider joining MPAI.