1     Definition

A Data Type describing the microphone array and the individual microphones.

2     Functional Requirements

The Microphone Array Geometry includes:

  1. The ID of the M-Instance.
  2. The Microphone Array Geometry ID.
  3. The Space-Time of the Microphone Array.
  4. The Attributes of the Microphone Array, including:
    1. Array Type
    2. Array Scat
    3. URI of Array Filter coefficients for microphone array equalisation.
    4. Sampling features
    5. Block Size
    6. Number of Microphones
    7. Attributes of each microphone

3     Syntax


4    Semantics

Label Size Description
Header N1 Bytes Microphone Array Geometry Header
– Standard 9 Bytes The “CAE-MAG-V” string
– Version N2 Bytes Major version – 1 or 2 characters
– Dot-separator 1 Byte The character “.”
– Subversion N3 Bytes Minor version – 1 or 2 characters
MicrophoneArrayGeometryID N4 Bytes Identifier of the Microphone Array Geometry.
MicrophoneArrayAttributes N5 Bytes Microphone feature data.
– MicrophoneArrayType bit 0-1 Type of microphone array arrangement.
– ArrayScat bit 2 Type of microphone array: 0:Rigid, 1:Open.
– ArrayFilterURI N6 Bytes URI of a local/remote file containing specific filter.
– SamplingParameters N7 Bytes Sampling frequency and sample precision.
– BlockSize 4 Bytes Minimum BlockSize: 256.
– NumberOfMicrophones 1 Byte Number of Microphones in the Microphone Array.
MicrophoneAttributes[] N8 Bytes A list containing Microphone attributes.
– MicrophoneID 1 Byte ID of the individual Microphone.
– ChannelCount 1 Byte The number of Audio channels.
– MicrophonePointOfView N9 Bytes Position and Orientation of Microphone.
– MicrophoneDirectivity N10 Bytes The directivity pattern of the specific microphone,
DescrMetadata N11 Bytes Descriptive Metadata.