1       Definition

The CAV Spatial Attitude is a snapshot of the estimated CAV spatial attitude received from the Motion Actuation Subsystem containing:

  1. Three spatial coordinates of the Centre Point of the CAV.
  2. The Orientation of the CAV.
  3. Derivatives of Position and Orientation up to the second order.
  4. Estimation Position and Orientation error.

2       Functional Requirements

MPAI has specified the Spatial Attitude Data Type.

The Ego CAV sets z=0 to its Centre Point.

3       Syntax

4       Semantics

5       To Respondents

Respondents are requested to comment on the use of the MPAI-specified Spatial Attitude for CAV purposes or to propose the coding of alternative functional requirements for the said set of data, and to comment on the Spatial Attitude specification or to propose a different definition.